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This Piece:

Whether friends, lovers, or family, the Philia charm necklace reminds us of the warming energy of affection two people create. The blue agate cameo is hand made by a master carver bringing out the heart of love suspended between two hands. This work of art is set in a bezel of 18k yellow gold. The mantra "Lost in You I Find Myself" is adjourned on the back as an expression of the relationships which bring out the best within us. An inverted pink sapphire set in AnaKatarina's iconic sea urchin hangs delicately from an 18" chain to remind us of the light emotions that may follow love. 


Hand Carved Blue Agate Cameo, 18k Yellow Gold, & .16ct Pink Sapphire. This piece was created using reclaimed, recycled, and fair-trade precious gems and metals in our NYC atelier.


AnaKatarina's Love Tokens are inspired by both erotic Roman spintriae tokens and the eight types of love extolled by the ancient Greeks. Her belief is that to love and to be loved is our greatest superpower. Memories and reminders of these connections are engraved by hand into talismanic cameos. Each Love Token is ajured with a mantra written by AnaKatarina.

Designers Note: 

The carved hands of 'Phillia' suspend a heart of pure loving friendship between them. The mantra "Lost in You I Find Myself" reminds us that friendships are mirrors of our best qualities. The pink sapphire is known to be the talisman to encourage love and emotions. It is the symbol of the strength of the heart. 

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