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This Piece:

'Lady is a Tramp' cameo earrings are a work of art! The cameos are hand-carved by a master carver in Brazilian red agate and encircled in 18k yellow gold. An inverted diamond hanging from a yellow gold wire suspends the red lip cameos. As in every piece in the collection, the Eye Am charmed necklace has 'love' carved into the yellow gold of the ajure back creating a talisman of eternal love and a homage to the organic beauty of the sea urchin.


Brazilian Red Agate, 18k Yellow Gold & .20ct Diamonds. This piece was made using reclaimed, recycled, and fair-trade precious gems and metals in our NYC atelier. Personalized cameos of your own or a loved one's lips can be custom ordered. Please email us for the details.


The 'Lady is a Tramp' collection was inspired both by the classic show tune from 1937 and by all women who, like the song's narrator, embrace their truths and passions. This spirit is translated into a collection of wearable talismans and is the much-anticipated follow up to the AnaKatarina "Eye Love" cameo series. 

Hedy Lamarr is celebrated as among the most beautiful of actresses in the history of film. Considerably less well-known is that the relentlessly curious Austrian-born American was also a pioneering inventor, credited with creating the technology in the '40s that led to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. "The Lady is a Tramp" collection features lips that are an amalgamation of Lamarr's and Ana-Katarina's youngest daughter, herself a beautiful, independent and curious young woman. 

The striking cameo pieces remind one that beauty and intelligence are not mutually exclusive and that women can embrace all of their attributes. AnaKatarina's 2019 Iconic Woman campaign theme, 'Intelligence is Sexy,' celebrates women who embrace all of their qualities, to better the world.

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