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This Piece:

A ribbon of yellow gold accentuates the Sea of Cortez pearl, the pearl hangs on an 18” yellow gold chain with a ring at 16” to allow you to wear the necklace shorter. No two Sea of Cortez pearls are the same, making each piece distinctive and unique. Like in every piece, love is carved into the yellow gold of the ajure back. Creating the sensual form of the Sea of Love Necklace.



Sea of Cortez Peacock Pearl, 18k Yellow Gold and 18” Chain This piece was made using reclaimed, recycled and fair-trade precious gems and metals in our NYC atelier.



The Sea of Cortez was created into a sustainable pearl farm and haven for the local marine species in the late 1990’s. In 2000, the first commercial pearls were farmed. One of the only sustainable pearl farms in the world, this unique project has fostered one of the most significant areas in the region for aquatic and land flora and fauna biodiversity. The pearls are from the rare rainbow lip oyster and range in color from peacock hues to gray and black. This is the only pearl oyster that belongs to genus Pteria. All other marine oysters belong to genus Pinctada.

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