AnaKatarina Design specializes in creating bespoke jewelry and upcycling a client's own jewels into new heirloom pieces. Since 1999, we have been creating these objets d’art for clients all over the world. When creating a bespoke piece we always begin with a conversation. We discuss what your design aesthetic personality is and what this piece represents to you. It’s these conversations that create the uniqueness in the below examples of custom work shine through. We then create designs based on our conversation, collaborating back and forth with designs, making it the perfect piece for you. We always include something special in each handcrafted piece that is significant to only you


Mystic Mama Earrings (Bespoke)

18k White and Black Gold, .20ct Diamonds and Camel Bone.

The adage “Necessity is the mother of invention” inspired the Mystic Mama Earrings. When a severe metal allergy hindered AnaKatarina’s client from wearing earrings, the creative processes was ignited. Ear wires, carved from reclaimed camel bone, lead to an urban twist of a traditional Tibetan design set in 18k black and white gold. This was the perfect earring for a girl with a quiet edge.




King’s Ransom (Upcycled)

14k White Gold & 9.66ct Diamonds

With the King’s Ransom, AnaKatarina transformed the diamonds and gold from a Midwest ER doctor’s heirloom pieces of jewelry into a statement cuff inspired by the details of Edwardian tiaras and the open floral designs of Art Nouveau. Employing intricate ajure work with her usual high-end craftsmanship, she brings the doctor’s diamonds to a new aesthetic height in this dramatic piece.



Soliel Mystique Ring (Upcycled)

(Featured in Boston Common Magazine.)

18k Yellow Gold & 1.25ct Diamonds

AnaKatarina’s client wished to redesign three heirloom Victorian rings she inherited from her aunt into a modernist statement ring. Inspired by the late Art Deco period, AnaKatarina created a minimal sculptural ring with a modern yet classic twist. The two central rows of diamonds are mirrored on the band of the ring. AnaKatarina’s artistic attention to detail and her love of talismans is depicted on the ajure back where, as a gift to her client, she designed a star burst to signify her client’s endless positive energy.



Bohemian Rhapsody (Bespoke)

18k Yellow Gold, 25.00ct Boulder Opals, 6.40ct Fire Opals, 1.46ct Yellow Diamonds & Imperial Diopsides

The Bohemian Rhapsody was inspired by the majestic sunsets of southwest and serendipity. A patron of AnaKatarina’s commissioned the Bohemian Rhapsody the day AnaKatarina arrived at the Tucson Gem show. Communicating over What’s App AnaKatarina and her client went back and forth until the they both agreed on the perfect boulder opal drops. The bright fire opal paisleys were hand carved in Germany to bring in an Oriental twist to these statement earrings.



The Bewitched Set (Bespoke)

Necklace: 18k white gold & 66.83ct diamonds

Earrings: 18k white gold & 8.35ct diamonds

The Bewitched Necklace and Earring Set was commissioned by a Saudi family as a wedding gift for their future daughter-in-law. This project was a labor of love as each diamond was chosen for its provenance and curated for color, clarity, and brilliance. Each diamond has its own GIA certificate.



Prima Donna (Upcycle)

Engagement Ring

(Featured in Sotheby’s Reside magazine)

6.ct emerald cut diamond, set in 18k white gold.

A traditional three stone engagement ring needed a facelift. The Prima Donna was inspired by modern sculptural lines and Art Deco opulence and femininity. 



Sumerian Goddess (Bespoke)

18k Rose Gold & Lapis Lazuli

A serendipitous chance meeting at JFK whilst in transit to Istanbul led to the commission of the Sumerian Goddess ring by a Washington State couple. Inspired by mid-century modern sculptural design with a nod to the times of Ur, the Sumerian city-state in ancient Mesopotamia, the rose gold band leads into a beautiful hand cut lapis lazuli. The stone etched finish resembles the texture of raw silk on gold.



The Burning Moon (Bespoke)

18k Rose and Black Gold and 1.10ct Cognac Diamonds

The 'Burning Moon' ring’s sensual curves were inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, a mathematical equation replicated in nature as the perfect form. A line of cognac diamonds in black gold surrounds hand carved reclaimed camel bone. AnaKatarina’s artistic attention to detail and her love of talismans is depicted on the ajure back of the ring. As a gift to her client, AnaKatarina designed a personal mandala signifying the ever flowing channel of love flowing from our hearts to the universe and back again.


bespoke blue rondo web.jpg

The Blue Rondo (Upcycled)

18k Rose Gold, Turquoise and .25ct Diamonds

The Blue Rondo earrings were created for an elegant redheaded attorney. AnaKatarina upcycled her client’s turquoise gems into a modern design with a twist of art nouveau. A perfect earring to wear from the courtroom to a dinner date.



Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend (Bespoke)

Elegance is in the simplicity of the design of these 2ct cushion cut diamond studs set in platinum bezels gifted for an architect’s 40th birthday from her husband and daughters to sparkle in a new decade.



Fire Bird (Bespoke)

18k Yellow Gold and 34.05ct Fire Opal matrixes, 4.07ct Montana Sapphires, 1.11 Teal Sapphires

The 'Fire Bird' was inspired by the rare Fire Opal Matrixes that flare from its center band. A patron of AnaKatarina’s commissioned this statement ring the day AnaKatarina arrived at the Tucson Gem show. Communicating over What’s App, AnaKatarina sent her client images of these mesmerizing gems and they both agreed these natural beauties needed to become a ring. Inspired by the time of the Pharaohs, the design invokes a ring designed for a Goddess. The fire opal is set into hand carved Ebony wood and studded with Montana Sapphires. AnaKatarina’s artistic attention to detail and her love for the natural world is depicted on the ajure back of the ring with leaf cut outs in gold accenting more Montana sapphires. The Fire Bird transcends jewelry to a wearable work of art.



Pink Champagne (Upcycled)

18k White Gold, 1.50ct diamonds 2.35ct Montana Pink Sapphires

Three diamonds from an inherited ring were given a new vibe in the Pink Champagne ring. Her diamonds are surrounded by multi shades of Montana pink sapphires and diamonds to create a timeless statement ring with an urbane elegance. The band was created to open and fit over the knuckle.



Prisoner Cuff Links (Bespoke)

18k Rose Gold, Walrus Bone and Scrimshaw

When a gentleman's passion for a classic 60's British television series is transformed into cufflinks, the outcome is a personalized artistic statement piece to be worn with elegance and a wink. Such pieces with their layers of personal meaning and detail are AnaKatarina’s favorite design challenges. Set in 18k rose gold, the petrified walrus bone is scrimshawed with the television series logo using the original font. The two main characters represented by the no. 6 and no.1 are honored in the ajure design on the cuff links backs. The result is a balance between sophistication and playfulness.



Purple Haze (Bespoke)

18k Yellow Gold, 43.8ct Amethyst, 2.28ct Fire Opal, .44ct Diamonds

A patron of AnaKatarina’s commissioned this statement piece the day AnaKatarina arrived at the Tucson Gem show (along with three other pieces). Communicating over What’s App, AnaKatarina sent her client images of unique gems until they both agreed on this fair trade amethyst carved in Germany. The 'Purple Haze' pendant was inspired by the boldness and simplicity of midcentury modern design . The baguette and round diamonds and the trillion cut fire opal add the perfect balance of dramatic flair.



Remembrance Of Things Past (Bespoke)

AnaKatarina designed this piece for herself. The Roman coin (dated 160-165AD) is set in rose gold which fluidly contours the shape of the coin. The organic simplicity of the form allows the coin to be the center of attention. The double chain adds a bit of rock n’ roll to her personal talisman piece. 


The Rose (Bespoke)

18k Yellow Gold, .28ct Pink Sapphires, .11ct Diamonds & .31ct Rose-cut Diamonds

AnaKatarina’s client was enchanted by the Château de Versailles and desired earrings from this period. Bespoke pieces layered in meaning and detail are AnaKatarina’s favorite design challenges. Inspired by the era’s love for nature, AnaKatarina commissioned pink opal roses on black onyx to be hand carved in Germany by a fourth generation master carver. Elegant lines of yellow gold lined with Montana pink sapphires and diamonds dangle from rose cut diamonds. AnaKatarina’s artistic attention to detail and her love of talismans is depicted on the ajure backs of the earrings where, as a gift to her client, she designed a rose invoking love and beauty.



Starburst (Bespoke)

The Starburst ring sets a magnificent fancy cut citrine among Art Deco elegance to create a bold statement ring. AnaKatarina’s client desired to upcycle the princess cut diamonds from her 1980’s style ring.  The fancy cut citrine was set in rose gold to bring out the gem’s sultry warm tones and surrounded by the client's princess cut diamonds. A timeless show-stopper.



Mondrian Black (Bespoke)

Wedding Band

18k Rose and Black Gold

AnaKatarina percolates design concepts in her mind’s lexicon. The Mondrian Black ring is one such design. Inspired by the graphic compositions of Piet Mondrian’s classic grid paintings of the 1920's, AnaKatarina wished to create a bespoke ring with positive and negative spaces.



Levity And Engagement (Bespoke)

18k White and Rose Gold

Levity and Engagement are AnaKatarina’s collection of bespoke men’s bands designed with the man’s aesthetic sensibilities.



Stella by Starlight (Upcycled)

18k Roes Gold, .40ct Diamonds and .60ct Sapphire

AnaKatarina’s client wished to redesign three heirloom rings into one statement piece she could wear daily. A professor with a European flair for fashion, AnaKatarina’s client’s style was classic with an edge. A staccato of diamonds and a sapphire float over three bands. This modern aesthetic is balanced by the stone etched finish on the gold invoking an old world charm.



Bewitched Set (Bespoke)

Engagement Ring

18k White Gold, 4.02ct Asscher cut Diamond and .85ct half moons

A beautiful Asscher cut diamond is surrounded by half moons to create a statement engagement ring for an international bride.

Wedding Band

18k White Gold and 8.66ct Asscher cut Diamonds

Fourteen carefully curated Asscher cut diamonds are open to the light in a sculptural and minimal wedding band created for an international bride.


Siren’s Song (Upcycled)

18k Yellow Gold and Coral

AnaKatarina’s client wished to upcycle a coral ring given to her, as a child, by her father.  The resulting ring is an expression of Byzantine design with a modern aesthetic twist inspired by AnaKatarina’s revelatory dream of a sea urchin after a full year of struggling with this design. The gold dot pattern surrounding the coral is the same as that on the sea urchin. AnaKatarina’s artistic attention to detail and her love of talismans is depicted on the ajure back of the ring where, as a gift to her client, she incorporated an homage to sea creatures in the form of a star fish. AnaKatarina’s use of detail transforms her jewelry into fine art.