Artist. Activist. Feminist. Mother.

In her eponymous fine jewelry line, Ana-Katarina’s worlds collide with astounding beauty.

Throughout her extensive humanitarian travel and profound experiences as a war correspondent, Ana-Katarina Vinkler-Petrovic has been driven by her passion for social justice and inspired by the staggering beauty of the exotic and the everyday.   “I keep a visual lexicon in my consciousness created from my background, history, travels, passions and experiences. When I design, this internal library opens to bring forth the inspirations for my jewelry.” 

The daughter of a world-renowned architect and an awarded painter, her transition into jewelry design began organically with private clients who recognized Ana-Katarina’s intuitive eye. She has since been sought out for commissions across the globe, among them for royal families of the Middle East. She collaborates with respected artisans- including a former Harry Winston master jeweler- to sculpt her pieces. For the wearer, these striking, sensual accessories transcend the category of fine jewelry; they become stunning personal signatures, future heirlooms and treasured talismans worn at every occasion. 

Motivated by the tragedies she has witnessed and the legacy she is leaving behind for her 3 daughters, Ana-Katarina is committed to sourcing reclaimed, recycled, fair-trade, and precious materials. A member of Ethical Metalsmiths and AGTA (American Gem Trade Association), she passionately supports ethical and sustainable practices in the making of her collections so that each piece is not only treasure, but a powerful statement for social consciousness. 

Ana-Katarina’s jewelry is proudly crafted in the United States and has been sold throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. It has been featured in private exhibitions worldwide and highlighted in national and international press.

"My work is sensual and sexy with an edge and transcends trend to be talismanic heirlooms. The beautiful note from a Greek friend, and archeologist,  so eloquently described why I love to create beautiful heirloom talismans:

'Ana-Katarina, I thought of sending you this picture of a ring that we found today at the excavation. It is a little girl’s jewelry, that her family put to accompany her on the long journey into the after-life. The grave had over 60 glass vessels with aromatic oils that probably was used for the burial, two clay statues; one with the god Eros and the other of Psyche. As I was holding her ring in my hands and trying to feel the hands of this little girl, I realized how important jewelry is for people. The utmost personal objects that define their identity. I thought of you and the special work you do. The creator may be forgotten, but the person who possesses a piece will be connected to it forever, Take care!'"